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August 16, 2011


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Barbara Ralph Schreiber

I plan to order the 3 banner stand unit that makes a backdrop and ships in the countertop case. I plan to use the countertop stand, but the case does not give any room to pack promotional materials and samples, so I still need a second shipping container for which I am charged for 2 units, which doubles the cost, when I could get by with one unit if the case was just a little bigger. I can't find a case that is big enough to also pack the counter case in, and still be light enough to ship via UPS when packed.

Josh Axelberd

Barbara, You could go with a different case to counter option. We have a couple things we could do, just depends on how much promotional materials you need to pack. Why don't you call our office and one of our reps can brainstorm some solutions with you. 800-207-0311

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